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Make your wedding a big 'Wow'

what a wedding

Make your wedding a big 'Wow'

We are a team of artist, trying to portray your dream day with all its colours and emotions intact for years to come. Passionate and professionals in true spirit we cover prestigious weddings and events worldwide. Love for travel is our common motto and essence of happiness is what we capture with our lenses.. We are creatives , peeping though our focus through beautiful angles, lights and shadows making all possible efforts to produce a 'WOW' Package

Our Team

Sandeep Balussery

Sandeep Balussery who started What a wedding Company is the art director and Key Photographer of our team. He has his Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Trivandrum. He has been in the area of photography for more than 8 years. He started What a Wedding to open his career in the area of Wedding Photography.
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